1) TIME 2009 Sponsored by The Vedic Maths Forum India, IIT Bombay – 4th Dec to 7th Dec 09.

Only 15 days are left for TIME 2009. In case you have not already registered and intend to participate, please send your registrations fast as we can confirm accommodation only for registered participants (there will be no charges foe accomodation). You can register on the spot in case you do not need accommodation. For all outstation participants, second class train fare will also be reimbursed. The programme includes: 10 invited talks, 12 hands on workshops, a panel discussion, book exhibition, displays, and a sample Math Lab.

Talks which may be of interest to participants :-

4th Dec Indian Mathematical Heritage and Origins of Calculus- Prof. R. Subramanian

5th Dec Animations in Math teaching (middle)     –Prof. Sridhar Iyer

6th Dec Mathematics Learning or Mathemagic ? – Dr. Hemlata Prasnis
7th Dec Comparison of Mental Math Methods – Gaurav Tekriwal
7th Dec Workshop  Social Media & Web2.0 in Math -Gaurav Tekriwal
2) Week Long Vedic Maths Carnival at Wiziq
A Week Long Online  Vedic Maths Carnival is being organised. We invite Vedic Maths Teachers and Students to participate and enjoy the benefits of it.
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Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Through television programs, workshops, DVDs, and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.