NEW YORK, Sept. 9 — Best-selling author and Guinness World Record Holder as the “Fastest Human Calculator,” Scott Flansburg earned his sobriquet for his ability to process numbers with amazing speed and calculator accuracy. He can add, subtract, multiply, divide – and even do square and cube roots – all in his head.

Now, “The Human Calculator(R)” (a nickname given to him by Regis Philbin), is using his extraordinary gift to inspire students, teachers and “non-math” people, demonstrating that arithmetic really can be as easy as “0, 1, 2, 3.”

Flansburg is ready to prove how much power there is in numbers – especially the number 9. Today, 9/9/09, he announced The American Math Challenge, where middle school students nationwide, ages 9-14, are invited to sign up, free of charge, to compete online in real-time, 60-second arithmetic games.

“Students can play as many games as they wish,” Flansburg notes, adding, “results show that participants will make significant improvement in their mental arithmetic skills and have fun in the process. All school children and homeschoolers are invited to participate.”

But what’s Flansburg’s reason for making this announcement specifically on 9/9/09? Take your current age and add the two digits together. Then subtract the sum of the two digits from your age. What remains will always add up to nine! Flansburg is credited with finding a method to the “math madness” by helping people recognize commonalities in digits that lead back to the Number 9.

“Everyone has the ability to be good at math and enjoy it, but most people have not learned to do math in a way that works for them,” Flansburg said.

Hosted by The MATHCOUNTS Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes middle school mathematics achievement, and powered by Mathletics, the learning platform from 3P Learning, the global leader in online mathematics education for school-aged students, The American Math Challenge will take place from November 9 – 16, 2009.

Registration begins on October 12, 2009 by logging on to Up to three top students will be chosen to represent the United States as Team Ambassadors on World Math Day in March 2010. Last year, over 2 million students from 204 countries participated in World Math Day, the world’s largest education event.

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