A Teacher practices the Finger Multiplication in Cape Town
A Teachers Training Workshop was held in South Africa recently.
It was conducted by Mrs.Neshni Naidoo, Director, Vedic Maths Forum South Africa at the West Riding Primary School and it was attended by almost a score of Maths Teachers.

Some feedback from the sessions:

  • Thank you for
    allowing the educators to really be actively involved during the sessions – the
    educators were able to discuss along; explain and show their understanding and
    share ideas.
  • Interesting methods that we can definitely
    implement: learning the 9x table using our fingers;
  •       The presenter was
    very helpful and willing to assist.
    from Mr. Anthony Mitchell (Grade 7 Educator) 
    found the Vedic sessions to be useful. I think their approach to Maths is very
    interesting, something I would like to pursue further. The presenter had a
    passion she wanted to share.
    a Grade 7 perspective, it would be very interesting and valuable to look at
    more examples specifically relevant to the grade/phase. This said many of the
    topics she discussed had universal value.
    I find working with numbers fascinating and inspiring. I am always keen to
    learn more and get as many points of view as I can.