New Kid on the Block!
Dear Friends and Family of Vedic Maths India,
I am so happy and grateful to be writing to you today!  The last few weeks have been so full of life that its totally unbelievable that I lived them. I am thankful to God Almighty for his choicest of blessings to my family!
I have never written to you personally, but there are times in life when its good to have a personal connection with everybody out there!
On 2nd June 2014 we have been blessed with a baby Girl. With her entering our life, I felt so responsible and yet so unprepared to take care of the new little angel. Guess every father feels that way when his baby is born! There has been a shift in my priorities towards family now. It feels nice to be a father and I am looking forward to my journey with my little Girl.
We haven’t thought of a name right now…but if you have suggestions … send them in! 🙂  🙂
Here’s Wishing you all the very best! Thanking you,