Discover the amazing patterns in the 9 p Discover the amazing patterns in the 9 Point Vedic Math circle. Unveil some of the patterns that will simplify calculations beyond your imagination.
The video is by Ms.Rebecca Newburn, an associate of the Vedic Maths Forum India.Ms. Rebecca Newburn has been a math and science educator for 15 years. She is interested in supporting Millennials, the New Generation, by creating resources for both teachers, parents and students.


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    My moderator’s name is Mrs. Balbindar Rani.
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  2. Thanks for posting my video on the “9 Point Circle.”

    I also have a website about Vedic math . I’ll be posting more videos the last week in November. You’ll also be able to find them on YouTube under the tags “vedic math newburn.”

    Thanks for putting such a great blog together.

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