6 Simple Tips To Deal With Maths Anxiety

Math anxiety is basically a fear or uneasiness of not understanding maths or numbers which not only makes you negative, also you will start feeling depressed about it. It affects your grades or result which will affect other subjects as well. Making mistakes consecutively will make you doubt yourself.  

We are going to talk about some of the symptoms and how to overcome them:-

Symptoms can be easily tracked down with little interaction with students or they can discover those by themselves also.

  • Fear of maths
  • Stress
  • Lack of Confidence 
  • Discussing with others that he/she is not great with numbers.
  • Short time memory
  • Overthinking while you are giving a math test.

Here’s 6 simple tips to help you deal with maths phobia.

It’s ok to make mistakes

Brain Science shows that when you are making mistakes in math, your brain works more. So making mistakes is fantastic. You just need to believe that you can do anything, you can do the math. The brain has an unlimited potential to learn anything. While you are urged to learn something it works more for you. Make mistakes but don’t give up.  Tell yourself that you are not going to stop. Then not only your brain grows, but you will also grow as a human too.

Choose the easy technique

There are plenty of techniques available for doing math problems. Choose the easy and comfortable one which you can apply to do the particular math. Don’t rely on what your teachers are teaching you. Read different books, a search on google, see videos on youtube and pick the technique which you feel best for you.

Share your Problem

Stress plays an important role in Math anxiety. The reason for stress can be anything. It can be the fear of doing Maths, can be yelling of teachers on students, have a lack of confidence in self, etc. In the age of a student, we do not have any idea of what the stress is? So it’s the parent’s duty to have a conversation with their children and give them love, support, and care. Listen to your children’s problems will help them to defeat any kind of fear they have. Also if you are a student and depressed for any reason, go to your parents and let them understand what you are going through?

Play Sports

In this digital age, we people are so busy with our laptops, phones, and pads. So our children are losing the joy of playing sports. It’s very important to have a healthy body and mindset for studying efficiently. Because sports help us to maintain blood circulation to our brain. That’s why after playing for at least 1 hour, students will feel more energized than to play video games on the phone or Desktop. Playing any kind of sports, running for 30min or doing yoga can have a huge impact on a student’s brain and health.  

Do meditation

After reading for a long time, students feel exhausted or burned. So take a break and again come for studying is not going to help them to deal with boredom they have at that time. Taking a break is good but how you are utilizing it that’s also important. According to psychologists, 5 min of meditation can help you to recharge your energy. So while you are taking a nap between a long session of studying,  you should do meditation at least for 15min. Doing meditation sessions regularly can cause interesting changes in your perspective to see challenges and lifestyle which will help to grow your intelligence also.

Write up what you think

According to great mathematicians and scientists writing is the best way to memorize anything. If you want to be a master of maths  try to write up and practice it on a daily basis. Practicing every day will make you consistent and helps you to remember all the formulas. Formulas are going to help you solve mathematically 

The problem so nourishing them is an important task for a student. So, take a copy and write down all the formulas. Use those formulas in a math problem will be easier and memorable for you.

You can write the causes of your stress or anxiety also so that you can overcome them on daily progress. You can also share them with your teachers and parents so that they can guide you towards the right path or give suggestions to defeat them.


I am going to give you an example of a great mathematician who was anxious about his skill of doing math but except that he had made him a master of Mathematics. So, there was a French renowned Mathematician who had a fear of maths because of that he was having butterflies in the stomach while sitting for a math exam. He started to believe that he would never do the math again. Instead of running away from his problem he decided to fight against that. So he started practicing maths regularly with a copy and pen. He used to finish 4 to 5 copies in a month. Later he became the greatest mathematician of all we have in the world.

So you also can defeat your math anxiety or phobia with little practice and learning attitude.