Hello and a Very Warm Welcome to the 12th Carnival of Mathematics hosted at the Vedic Maths Forum India Blog. It is my privilege to host this one. 12 is a great number! Twelve is superabundant, sparsely totient, a Harshad number and a Pell number.

The Universe of Discourse shows us how to Calculate the square root of 2 in an interesting way.

Dan Meyer explores Where are The Next Gen Math Teachers? in his article that has already received 41 comments and counting.

Julie Rehmeyer of the MathTrek Blog takes us to a deep and interesting discussion about a phenomenon gripping the world today – Sudoku & the Graph Theory.

Lets Play Math gives us a few tips to help anyone understand and teach percents at the middle school level. Percents: Key Concepts and Connections.

The Unapologetic Mathematician John Armstrong lays out a rough sketch of Khovanov homology intended for a generally interested lay audience. What is Knot Homology?

MathNotations gives us A multidimensional view of a simple equation in one variable. Also, there’s a useful mnemonic provided to remind students of equations and slopes of horizontal and vertical lines. He also gives Two geometry problems that can be approached by both analytic and synthetic methods. The square problem has both an SAT component and a much richer open-ended piece requiring students to explore, make conjectures and verify their methods.

Phil for Humanity gives an article about observing objects near the speed of light.

JD2718 argues that Mnemonic abbreviations are necessary in today’s education world to give that advantage to the students out there. An interesting article indeed.

And finally my Blog Article here explains how An amazing Indian Math method can be used to homeschool students and speed up and improve their mathematical skills. Homeschooling your child in Math?

The next 13th Carnival of Mathematics will be held on July 27th over at the Polymathematics Blog. Send your submissions via the submission tool. Also, contact Alon if you wish to host the Carnival of Mathematics August 24th or later.


  1. Perhaps Anonymous was a little harsh, but quite frankly, I agree with the notion. Far be it for me to suggest censorship, but perhaps the host could exercise a little moderation in accepting entries? If Phil’s presumptious claims of originality prefacing an article displaying no grasp of relativity didn’t automatically trigger a deletion response, then surely reading his linked “proofs” about infinity would have.

    It seems to me that Carnival entries are either thought-provoking or discussion-provoking. This one has been tainted.

  2. Some good discussion above!

    I have just added your blog to the Blogspot Dirctory under the “Education, School and University” section. Is this ok?

    If you have time, please link back to us.


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